Fun with…Paper Clips!?

It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they’re bored. Take the everyday paper clip, for example. With a little creativity and time on your hands, you can be quite productive, even during a time of severe procrastination! Though you may want to spend your time a little more wisely, here are a few unbelievable things you can do with simple little paper clips.

Have a dirty keyboard? Is one of your keys not working properly or sticking every time you try to hit it? Bend and unfold a paper clip and insert one side of the clip under the edge of the key you wish to remove. The key can then be easily removed, cleaned properly or replaced.

If you are an artist or just have an artistic flair, try using paper clips for creative purposes or to add to something you’re currently working on. Words can be spelled out with colored paper clips or you can create animals or structures by bending and molding multiple clips.

Extra crafty individuals can create necklaces for their friends or family. Add other crafts to the project like beads or pendants and let the paper clips serve for the base of the necklace. Mix and match colored paper clips and beads for a bright, vibrant homemade piece of jewelry.

Using a few simple supplies and an indefinite amount of creativity, you can let your imagination run wild and create things you never thought possible.

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