10 Ways to Save on Gas

10 Ways to Save on Gas

Looking to save some money at the pump? If fluctuating gas prices are tampering with your budget, use these suggestions from the experts at The Energy Voice to fuel up less and get your finances back on track.

1. Make the grade: Most cars run on regular, which is less expensive, but check the owner’s manual to be sure – using the wrong grade can have a negative impact on your fuel costs.

2. Drive smart: Limit aggressive breaking or acceleration, avoid speeding and idling, and be prepared with alternate routes to steer clear of gas-guzzling traffic.

3. Cruise along: Travel efficiently by keeping a constant speed when driving long distances.

4. Forgo air conditioning: Turning off the AC will save you a nice chunk of change when you don’t have to fill up as often.

5. Tune it: Maintain your car with regular oil changes and filter replacements to squeeze more mileage out of each gallon.


  1. Check the tires: Low tire pressure affects fuel economy, so monitor your tires and fill them up if they fall below the recommended level.7. Lighten up: If you tend to haul a lot of junk in your car, consider removing it – unnecessary weight will add up to more money spent at the pump.

    8. Go hybrid: When it’s time for a change, choose a hybrid or otherwise fuel-efficient vehicle to get the most out of every tank.

    9. Choose what works: Alternatively, if you’re trading up to a new vehicle and don’t want to go hybrid, select a car that meets your driving needs in other ways. Smaller sedans work well on city streets, whereas diesel-engine trucks are better suited for towing.

    10. Commute wisely: When you can, opt for public transit, carpooling or telecommuting to save you trips to gas station. Another benefit? You’ll conserve energy and lessen your carbon footprint.




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