Taking the Stress Out of Moving

Whether you moving to Northwest Florida or somewhere else in Florida, when it comes to moving, a little preparation goes a long way! You can save lots of precious time and energy by planning ahead and staying focused on details. Here are a few great time-saving tips that will help you stay organized and sane throughout your move.

Make a schedule: Starting 60 days before the move, create a week-to-week checklist of tasks that much be completed. Spread out your errands and to-dos so that you can move successfully and gradually without breaking your back.

Consider a moving company: Are you going to hire movers? If so, start researching or looking for recommendations for reputable movers you can trust. Figure out the cost and budget your money accordingly.

Lighten your load sooner rather than later: Start throwing away unneeded items or gift them to friends and family. The fewer things you have to move the better. Start figuring out what you can and cannot live without.

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