Luxury Pizza?

From the “Only in New York” category comes the world’s most expensive pizza. At $250 a slice or $1,000 for the whole pie, this Manhattan pizzeria brings a luxury dining experience to one of America’s favorite foods. 

Created by Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York City, the $1,000-pizza is created with creme fraiche as a base, four types of caviar, sliced lobster tail, salmon roe and a touch of wasabi.
Selimaj himself came up with the creation in 2007 after spending a year researching the ingredients. 

Each $250 slice contains a different kind of caviar. While Selimaj admits his gourmet creation isn’t for everyone, and that sales have been hampered a bit by the recession, he says customers are still coming in. In 2010, he reported sales of about one pie every two weeks. Pre-economic downturn, Selimaj was selling between two and 10 luxury pies per week. 

How does it taste? Very good, according to those who have tried it, although, not surprisingly, not like pizza at all! Would you pay $250 for a taste? 

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