Healthy Snacks Kids Actually Want to Eat

Kids are naturally drawn to salty, sugary, calorie-filled snacks when hunger strikes. The key to winning the war when it comes to getting kids to choose healthy snacks over junk food is adding in some enticing, palate-pleasing ingredients. Here are five nutritious yet mouth-watering snack options, which, by the way, are great for grown-ups, too, so add a few to your own lunch box!

1. Innovative yogurt: Chock full of calcium and vitamin D, yogurt is a nutritious, grab-and-go snack that kids will find yummy with a few simple tweaks. Add honey for sweetness, fresh fruit and granola or your kids’ favorite healthy cereal. Or whip up a yogurt smoothie by adding 100-percent fruit juice and fresh or frozen fruit. 

2. Trail mix: There are many “over-the-counter” varieties of trail mix available, but try making your own healthier version, tailored to your kids’ preferences, with ingredients such as peanuts (if no allergy), dried fruit, sunflower seeds, white or dark chocolate chips, etc. 

3. Peanut butter sandwich: Rich in both protein and fiber, peanut butter sandwiches are a long-standing snacking tradition. Simply switch out the white bread for whole grain bread and pair the peanut butter with something special—think fruit spread, marshmallows, Nutella—and you’ve got a healthy yet super-appealing snack. 


  1. Snack kabobs: When it comes to enticing kids, presentation can be everything. Stack fruit and cheese on thin pretzel sticks, plastic drink skewers or long toothpicks for older kids for a fun take on a standard fruit and cheese plate. 5. Dips: Who doesn’t love to dip? Whether it’s fruits into yogurt, veggies into hummus or flax chips into salsa, you name it, they’ll dip it. Keep a bottle of low-fat ranch dressing on hand for an instant dip any time. 

    Source: TLC 

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