Forget Cash – We Need Cupcakes!

Who doesn’t love a midnight snack, right? But what if your sweet tooth is in overdrive and there’s not an ounce of sugar to be found in your home? Well, just take a quick trip to the 24/7 cupcake ATM, of course! Yup, I said cupcake.

Called “cupcake automats,” these 24-hour cupcake ATMs from the popular cupcake chain, Sprinkles, are growing throughout the U.S. and are expected to be in every major city soon. The first one opened in Beverly Hills, Calif. earlier this year.

The company plans on opening multiple locations in New York City. “We’re looking at midtown, downtown, and the upper West Side,” reports company spokesperson Nicole Schwartz, “as well as automats in Washington, D.C. and Chicago this summer.”

According to Schwartz the cupcake automats will be stocked with the chain’s most popular flavors as well as the flavors of the day. The initial plan is for eight flavors overall, although the machines are designed to eventually hold more. The company serves over 30different cupcake flavors, including new seasonal flavors like Irish chocolate, green velvet and cherry blossom. “Each cupcake is packaged individually in a box that is held by an insert. The package is a really great gift option,” she said.

The cupcake automats will be stocked with hundreds of cupcakes at a time, as well as cupcakes for Fido, apparel and cake mixes. Each cupcake is packaged individually in a box, making it a great last-minute gift option as well.

And, adds Schwartz, don’t worry about eating a stale cupcake. The Sprinkles bakery is a round-the-clock operation with bakers commencing at 2 a.m. and closing shop at midnight. Now we can all have our cake and eat it whenever we choose!

Source: ABC News

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