Decoding Teen Talk: What All Those Acronyms Really Mean

Decoding Teen Talk: What All Those Acronyms Really Mean

What it really means.


Teens these days use social media-friendly acronyms and abbreviations to communicate with their peers—and from the perspective of an adult, a lot can get lost in translation. What does all that hip lingo really mean?

ASKfm, a social Q&A network, recently answered that question with the release of their Teen Slang Dictionary. Some of the most popular terms decoded include:

Dime – Refers to the best, or something highest on a scale of 1 to 10
GOAT – Refers to “greatest of all time”
IDEK – “I don’t even know.”
IKR – “I know, right?”
OOTD – Refers to “outfit of the day”
PAP – “Post a picture.”
Savage – Refers to something as positively extreme or hardcore
Ship – Short for “relationship”
TBR – “To be rude…”

If you knew the real meanings behind these shortcuts, congratulations—you’re ahead of the curve! And if you didn’t, take heart. Most adults, says ASKfm, are in the dark when it comes to teen talk. Now you know!

Source: ASKfm



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