5 Weird Places to Use Your Credit Card

5 Weird Places to Use Your Credit Card 

Even Echo Boomers can remember the days when keeping cash in your wallet was necessary for certain purchases. Now you have the option of swiping your plastic at tons of weird places that used to be “cash only.”  

To Swipe on Your Smartphone 
Remember when you needed cash for that tag sale or flea market? Nowadays, small vendors can attach credit card readers to their smartphones to swipe your plastic on the spot! Companies like Square, Intuit and PayPal have all introduced tiny readers that link to an app so merchants can take cards. Way to go, technology! 

To Score Girl Scout Cookies 
In 2011, Girl Scouts announced that certain troops would be accepting credit cards for their cookie sales via the aforementioned smartphone credit card reader. No longer do you need to have cash in hand when those adorable cookie pushers ring your doorbell—the Girl Scouts switched to Sage Mobile Payments for their 2012 sales season. 

To Post Bail 

Caught speeding? Someone you love stuck in the slammer? Your credit card can help. Certain municipalities will now allow you to use a credit card as collateral for a traffic ticket, and some cities will also let you post bail with a credit card, according to CreditCards.com. However, it’s important to note that there are often heavy fees attached to doing so. 

To Pay a Parking Meter 
No change in your pocket or camped out between your car seats? No worries! More and more, cities are adding credit card readers to their parking meters. This helps consumers and city officials who no longer have to send out officials to collect quarters from machines! Win win! 

To Buy Food from a Vending Machine 
Just like the parking meters, you can now use your card to buy food from certain vending machines. Happy snacking! 

Source: money.msn.com 



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