Why the Walk-Through Matters

On the day of or before you close on your new home, you have the right to do a walk-through of the property. Many times your Realtor® will do this for you but you are encouraged and welcome to attend, as well.

While it’s not a requirement that you walk through a home just before you close, it is a good idea. Once you sign all the paperwork, whatever is (or isn’t) in your new home becomes your problem to deal with.

Make Sure It’s in the Condition You Expect It to Be

The vast majority of sellers leave everything the way you expect it to be when they pack up their belongings. Unfortunately, it only takes one seller to turn closing day into a potential nightmare. On closing day, missing cabinets, appliances, ceiling fans, and even door knobs have been discovered. Sometimes they’re replaced, and sometimes they’re not. If you bought this home because of the appliances in the kitchen or an ornate detail, you expect it to be there when you move in.

Avoid “Extras” You Didn’t Ask For

Depending on how the contract is written, you’ll likely expect your new home to be completely empty. Finding a garage full of junk or a backyard of things people didn’t want isn’t in the plan. Those things happen, and if found before you close can be corrected. But it’s not a surprise you want to walk into on move-in day, either.

You’ve Still Got Time to Negotiate

Did the buyer take all the front door and replace it with something ugly? Are the nice appliances swapped out for cheap versions? Did you find a pile of junk you don’t want? As long as you catch a problem before you close, you’ve still got time to negotiate. Work with your Realtor® to decide what solution you think is fair and let them help you work it out with the seller. It’s much better than being stuck with an expensive or annoying problem on move-in day.

Feel Good About the Closing

Buying a home is exciting and nerve-wracking. From the moment you decide it’s time to start looking, you enter a world of deadlines, paperwork, decisions, and negotiation. While a great Realtor® can minimize the stress, it’s still there. Doing the walk-through, especially when everything is as you expect it to be, gives you peace of mind at the very last stage of buying a home. Sure, you still have to sign your name for what feels like hours but you also know exactly what you’ll be going home to.

If you can’t attend the walk-through, your Realtor® should still do it for you and help you handle any problems that come up at the last minute. You might have a “good feeling” about your new home but there’s nothing wrong with a few guarantees. The walk-through helps provide that for you.

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