Warmer Weather Only One Reason People Move to Florida – But It’s a Good One!

Florida recently surpassed New York as the third most populous state. Those of us in Florida know exactly what’s great about the Sunshine State. For anyone thinking of moving here, especially the beautiful Emerald Coast, let’s look at the facts.

Average Florida Temperatures

Florida has nearly every type of weather imaginable from cooler winters here in Northwest Florida to subtropical temperatures in south Florida and the Keys. If you’re tired of snow drifts, salted roads, and freezing temperatures, the average temperatures in the winter will warm you right up.

  • November – 66 degrees
  • December – 60 degrees
  • January – 58 degrees
  • February – 60 degrees
  • March – 65 degrees

That sounds infinitely better than anything in the teens or single digits, doesn’t it?

Average Destin Temperatures

The Emerald Coast is unlike any place in Florida. Sugar sand beaches, emerald green waters, plus a small town feel automatically make it a great place to live. For those who need a bit more convincing, check out our high and low average temperatures each winter.

  • November – 69, high; 48, low
  • December – 63, high; 44, low
  • January – 61, high; 42, low
  • February – 63, high; 44, low
  • March – 68, high; 50, low

Our coldest months are often December through January, but a 70 degree day in the middle of winter isn’t uncommon, either.

The best part about the Emerald Coast is that you can enjoy the beach life most of the year. Even when it’s chilly outside, you’ll find people walking up and down the water, taking in the gorgeous view. Regardless of the temperature outside, the sunsets along the coast can’t be missed.

Whether people are flocking to Florida to escape the cold (and who could blame you?) or other reasons, no one can deny the Sunshine State is a place many want to call home.

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