Tidying Up: Ways to Get Ahead of House Clutter

We get it – a bit of clutter is inevitable in the houses of even the most organized homeowners, especially if you have kids. Fortunately, there were some proactive ways to help you stay on track if you constantly find yourself battling the monster that is messes. Here are some tricks to help keep the smallest rooms in your home organized and clutter-free.

Pantry Organization

Fill Mason Jars – Clear, glass jars with flip-top lids (or clear, airtight plastic containers) are perfect for stashing kitchen ingredients. No more digging through Ziploc bags when you need to find the chocolate chips or chopped pecans. Store these items in a jar where they’ll stay fresh and you can easily spot them when you need them.

Organize with Magnetic Spice Jars – All those tiny bottles of spices are easy to knock over and can make quite a mess in your pantry. Plus, they take up valuable shelf space because they don’t stack neatly. Keep your herbs and spices organized with magnetic spice jars. Hang the jars on the side of your fridge or conceal them on the back of the pantry door with the help of magnetic paint.

Break Out the Baskets – Keep your meal planning nice and simple. Plan and shop for multiple meals at once, then store all non-perishable foods for each meal in individual bins or baskets. Label each basket by day or meal and place them in a prominent spot in your pantry for easy access. When it’s time to cook, everything you need for that meal is ready to go in one place.


Closet Organization 

Group Like Items – Organize similar items together to make things easy to find and keep tabs on what you have. For example, organize clothes by groups such as: work shirts, casual shirts, dresses, slacks, shoes, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, etc.

One-In-Three-Out – This is the secret to decluttering your home. When you bring in anything new (clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, etc.) donate, recycle or sell three items of the same category.

Hang Bags on Hooks – Keep your accessories neat and organized in your closet with durable hooks (like shower curtain hooks). Simply latch the hook over the clothes rod in your closet then hang your purses, belts and other accessories.



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