Chris D., Fort Walton Beach

Christine is by far the best real estate agent of the nine I have ever had!  When my wife and I decided to sell our former home that we since rented out, I searched for the agents with the highest real estate sales over the past year or two and Christine was one of the top five.  (If anyone listens to Dave Ramsey, this is what he recommends doing to find the best agents).  Then, when I researched each of them, Christine’s profile and reviews on various web sites really caught my eye.  She not only had one of the top sales and owned her own company, but she wrote articles on real estate in statewide magazines and web pages helping other agents and company owners do better business for the property sellers and buyers.  When we contacted her about our home, she made clear recommendations of what it would take to sell the house and what wasn’t as necessary (or worth the money), but could be part of the negotiations with perspective buyers.  During the repairs, she stayed on top of our rental managers and repair contractors to keep on schedule before the summer rush began.  Since we were out of the area, this was a tremendous help.  She saved us more than a thousand over other realtors’ advice and refocused us on more important repairs.  Her recommendations were exactly right — the house sold in three days at asking price.  She continued tracking the progress of the repairs and corrections for the appraiser; even our tenants were very impressed with her.  Christine Cleek is a true professional and from our dealing with her she is a master in her field.