How to Survive Selling Your Home!

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, your agent should develop a selling strategy that attracts offers and a plan for overcoming the hurdles that can delay your sale.

Here are tips to smooth out potential bumps in the road before you even hit them and to make sure your transaction finishes as fast as possible.

1. Trust your agent – Hiring an experienced real estate agent will make the selling process a lot smoother.  Your agent is your best source of advice to position

your home favorably against the competition because they get nothing until your house is sold.  Tap into their insight on

  • showing prep tips for attracting motivated buyers
  • contractor referrals for sprucing up your property without breaking your budget.
  • common expectations and restrictions to save time and energy during negotiation.

2. Outwit the competition with incentives with other houses nearby or in the same price range for sale, it helps to sweeten the pot for a buyer who’s on the fence.  Throw in those floor to ceiling bookcases, custom window coverings or a flat panel TV. Talk with your agent about the best incentives to offer in your area and come up with a way to publicize them on all of your home’s marketing materials.

3. Expect to negotiate.  Offers and counter-offers keep your potential sale alive. Negotiations are less stressful when you decide in advance how low you’re willing to go early.  Ultimately, you decide what to accept, but talk to your agent early about your expectations and stay open to his or her advice on what price best in today’s market

4. Cement the deal with back up offers and research.  Your house is yours until you give a buyer the keys.  So, do the research and prep with a plan “B” in case something goes awry with your primary offer.


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