Stop Counting Calories

Counting calories making your head spin? Don’t despair – according to WebMD, maintaining a healthy weight isn’t achieved using a magic caloric formula. In fact, there are better things you can do that will help you maintain a healthy weight or achieve your fitness goals. Skip calorie counting and try these methods instead:

Eat smaller portions – Eating smaller portions undoubtedly affects your calorie intake. We’re conditioned to measure portion sizes by assuming the food we’ve been served throughout our lives is appropriately sized. Larger portions at restaurants exacerbate the problem, making us (and our bodies) believe we need the same size servings at home. Monitoring portion sizes puts you back in control.

Eat energy-burning foods – Selecting foods that burn more calories is a sure way to limit calorie intake, because they require more energy (calories) to digest and metabolize. Put simply, your body will burn off the calories you consume, instead of adding to your daily count.

Eat only the best calories – Your body needs calories – what it doesn’t need are the kinds that come from sugary drinks, sweet desserts and alcoholic beverages. Opt for fruits and veggies, which are not only highly nutritious, but also have less calories overall.

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