When Mom Moves In

Are you planning to welcome an aging parent or in-law into your home? While you may be worried about how your immediate family will adjust, the move will most likely be toughest of all for your Mom or Dad. Keep in mind that giving up one’s independence is one of the most … [Read more...]

Saying “I Do” to Homeownership

Saying “I Do” to Homeownership Getting married is an exciting time that comes with a lot of new adjustments, including when it comes to finances. Establishing a healthy financial relationship as a married couple will pay off, especially if you and your spouse plan to … [Read more...]


Houses of any age will shift and settle over time, resulting in cracks. Cracks may appear in finishes, structural components or both. Though they usually don’t have any structural significance, it’s worth some visual detective work to help homeowners understand the … [Read more...]

6 ways to prepare now for Hurricanes!

The worst thing that people who live along coastlines can do is not to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes. According to the National Hurricane Center, the two key factors contributing to weather safety during hurricanes are preparing in advance for the risks and … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Maintain the Well-Being of Your Home’s Foundation

When was the last time you took a close look at your home’s foundation? If you find yourself racking your brain trying to determine whether it was last spring, or two summers ago, it’s definitely been too long. From simple tasks to time-consuming projects, homeowners often … [Read more...]

Tidying Up: Ways to Get Ahead of House Clutter

We get it – a bit of clutter is inevitable in the houses of even the most organized homeowners, especially if you have kids. Fortunately, there were some proactive ways to help you stay on track if you constantly find yourself battling the monster that is messes. Here are … [Read more...]

What to Ask Your Landscaper Before They Dig In

If you’re designing a new garden, patio or outdoor living space, you’re likely going to work with a landscaper. Aside from the cost of the project, there are some important conversations you should have with your landscaper before they break ground. Here are four questions … [Read more...]

Cutting the Clutter

Ways to Conquer Cord Clutter Feel like you own more electronic devices than ever before? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us are constantly plugged into our cell phones, tablets, TVs, computers, gaming consoles and other gadgets, especially when we’re at home. And while … [Read more...]

Furniture to Splurge On

Furniture Pieces Worth the Financial Investment Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner moving into a new home, it can be tempting to run out and spend your savings furnishing every nook and cranny of your new place. But before you do, stop to … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Shop at Your Farmer’s Market

The whole foods trend has made a trip to the farmer's market a regular shopping trip for many. Why should you swap your weekly grocery store trips for market excursions? Read on to find out. Support small farmers – With large industrial farms monopolizing most of the … [Read more...]