Crazy Combo or Culinary Genius?

Bacon and ice cream are two foods that traditionally never cross paths, but an upscale hotel chain has recently added this intriguing concept to its goodies menu. How does “Brown Buttered Candied Bacon Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips” sound to you?  If you are in the … [Read more...]

Re-energize Your Workout Plan

Sticking with a workout routine is often easier said than done as the day-to-day grind causes many of us to lose our motivation to lace up our sneakers somewhere between the office and our own front door. Whether your exercise regimen is stale—or nonexistent—the following … [Read more...]

Decoding Energy Efficiency Lingo!

With so much science involved in making homes energy efficient, the average person is usually at a loss when it comes to understanding green terminology. Here, the National Association of Homebuilders decodes some of the most commonly used lingo.  … [Read more...]

A Truce Between Your Pets and Your Garden

Each spring, you may be dealing with a constant battle between your love for your pet, and your love for the garden you’ve planted. A recent post on takes a look at the damage a pet can render to your garden and landscaping. The feature offers the following … [Read more...]

How to Buy a House!

If you're in the home buying market, knowing what to expect makes everything easier. Buying a house is a different experience than, well, pretty much anything else. But by knowing what to expect and taking it one step at a time, you can learn how to buy a house like a … [Read more...]

How Long It Really Takes To Buy A House!

  Wondering about the timeline for buying a house? Here's what to expect. Timing is crucial when buying a house. Getting it wrong could mean paying on a mortgage when you still owe rent—or living out of a hotel if your closing runs longer than your lease. … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Show your Home Some Love this V-Day!

  As we all know, home is where the heart is—whether it's a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion. Here are six ways to show your home some affection. 1. Bring home a pretty present. You can go for the classic red roses, or any simple or elaborate bouquet. … [Read more...]

Security Tips to Keep Intruders OUT

Security Tips to Keep Intruders OUT!   It's that time of year when little ghosts and goblins will soon be flooding the streets — and your doorstep — in search of something sweet. While the kiddos are enjoying a little mischief, some tricksters might be wanting … [Read more...]

Communicating with Teens: There is Hope!

Communicating with Teens: There is Hope! If you're feeling diconnected from your teenager, don't give up hope! With a few simple strategies, you can open up the lines of communication, and maybe even do a little bonding in the process. Choose your moment. Don’t … [Read more...]

Working from Home? 10 Ways to Stay Productive

  Working from Home? 10 Ways to Stay Productive     Advances in technology and a rise in entrepreneurship have made work-from-home situations much more common. Not only is it convenient (hello pajamas!), but it saves a ton of time and gas commuting … [Read more...]