Escape with Your Very Own ‘She Shed

Looking for an Escape close to home?  She sheds, the female version of the man cave, have become the latest lifestyle rage.  According to Rebecca Shinners at House Beautiful, a she-shed should provide a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby or just carve … [Read more...]

Cha-Ching! Simple Tips to Keep Your Savings Plan on Track!

As anyone who likes to shop can tell you, a quick trip to the mall can turn into a full-blown shopping spree—complete with impulse buys—before you even hit your favorite store. If you’re constantly coming home with items you never intended to buy, you may be doing more harm … [Read more...]

Keep Water Away From Your Home’s Foundation!

Water is good for trees, shrubs and many other plant forms. It’s not, however, always good for your house, especially when your property stays wet and does not drain properly. “Water is the number one cause of damage to the homes we live in,” says Jamison Brown with … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Clear the Clutter

If just thinking about cleaning your home from top to bottom and getting rid of all the clutter you’ve acquired since the day you were handed the keys is enough to overwhelm you, you’re not alone. However, with a little planning, you can get your home back in shape while … [Read more...]

6 Smart Things to do with a Tax Refund

Getting cash back from Uncle Sam?  Here's how to make the most of it! BUILD YOUR EMERGENCY FUND.  It's critical to have a financial emergency fund.  Experts suggest a three month reserve of all fixed expenses- mortgage, utilities, food.  But any amount will help handle a … [Read more...]

Bob Vila’s “Must Do” Projects for April

Spring has sprung! While cool temperatures may not be completely behind us, it's certain that April will usher in warmer days, making it the perfect month to get back to beautifying the yard and garden. The season is likely to bring rain, so be sure to clear your gutters of … [Read more...]

Forget Cash – We Need Cupcakes!

Who doesn’t love a midnight snack, right? But what if your sweet tooth is in overdrive and there’s not an ounce of sugar to be found in your home? Well, just take a quick trip to the 24/7 cupcake ATM, of course! Yup, I said cupcake. Called “cupcake automats,” these … [Read more...]

30 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

You love a spotless house—but you don’t want to spend the bulk of your time actuallycleaning. Well, fret no more. We talked to seven experts who gave us some of their best methods to make chores easier, more effective and much less time-consuming, so you can have a tidy, … [Read more...]

Feeling Safe and Secure?

You probably don’t like to think about crime, but no matter where you live, your income or your lifestyle, crime is a fact of life.  That doesn’t mean you have to be defenseless.  Put the following crime prevention tips into action to help deter crime and make your family … [Read more...]

Making A Color Statement: Hot New Interior Color Trends!

No matter your budget or time constraints, says Hollywood interior designer and set consultant Stephan St. Orang, nothing can change the mood and beauty of your home more significantly than interior paint and lighting. “This is the year to look for color combinations that … [Read more...]