How to Quickly Clean Your House before a Walkthrough

Preparing your home for a walkthrough can be tough, especially when you’re still living in the house. One of the hardest things is keeping your home clean while you’re taking the other necessary steps to sell your house — like removing personal items, staging the house and increasing curb appeal. Here are some tricks to help you clean your house in a hurry, so you’ll be ready for a walkthrough at a moment’s notice.

-Remake beds. Strip off the old linens and replace them with new ones so they look crisp. Tuck sheets in at the corner.
-Clear clutter. Put everything out of sight — in drawers, baskets or in the closet — to organize later.
-Clean furniture. Wipe down furniture with a damp cloth or use the vacuum cleaner hose to get rid of dust and debris.
-Vacuum the entire bedroom, starting from one corner and working your way back and forth from one end to the other. You should end at the door.

-Clean the toilet. Use whatever type of cleaner you have on hand to thoroughly scrub the bowl of the toilet with a brush. Then wipe down the outer area with a cloth and cleaner.

-Wipe the bathroom mirror. Use a glass mirror cleaner to wipe off marks, starting from the top corner and continuing in a circular motion.
-Wash the sink. Scrub the spots around the sink and fixtures with a brush. Then use a cleaner to get the rest of the sink clean with a cloth.
-Wipe the shower/tub area. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the shower and tub area. If there are any hard spots of grime, use a hard cleaner to remove it.

-Remove clutter. Remove all clutter from counter, cabinets and table area.
-Clean counters and cabinets. Wipe down counters and cabinets with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Push crumbs and debris on the floor.
-Wipe appliances. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the fridge, dishwasher and cooktop area.
-Load dishes. Put all of your dishes in the dishwasher. Think about cleaning your stove top burners in the sink and then putting them back on the stove.

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