Planning a Party? Play It Safe!

Whether you’re planning a party for the next big game, a birthday bash or a holiday event, holding a successful soiree takes planning. That means not only making sure your guests are having fun and well fed, but it also means being a responsible host.

Timothy G. Russell, president of Professional Insurance Agents of Connecticut Inc, has provided sage advice in previous reports. He says, as hosts, homeowners and renters could be liable for the safety of their guests – even after they leave the party.

If a guest drinks and gets behind the wheel, causing an accident, the host may be held responsible. So before you host your party, call your insurance agent to learn what coverage you have and what coverage you might need if a party guest gets injured, or injures someone else.

Russell knows it’s important for every host to provide a great party experience, but it’s important to make sure guests are safe in your home – and they get back home safely after the party wraps.

Consider these tips:

If drinks are a part of your festivities, limit your own alcohol intake so you can determine if a guest is able to drive at the end of the night.
Pick designated drivers who will refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages so that he or she can drive other guests home.
Provide plenty of tempting non-alcoholic beverages and food for guests.
Do not pressure guests to drink or rush to refill their glasses.
Never serve guests who are visibly intoxicated.
Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party is over and switch to coffee, tea and soft drinks.
Always serve food when serving alcohol. High-protein foods such as meat and cheese take longer to digest, slowing the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol.
Try to avoid salty foods. They make people thirsty, so they drink more.
And remember, whether it’s a full blown St. Patty’s, Super Bowl or Oscar Party, if guests drink too much or seem too tired to drive home, call a cab, arrange a ride with a sober guest, or bring them home yourself.

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