Pet-Proofing Your Home in 4 Steps

There are many perks to owning a pet, but a show-ready home isn’t one of them. Just like kids (and maybe your in-laws), pets can wreak havoc on your household – and more often than not, it happens just after you’ve cleaned up shop. To manage the mess, consider adopting one of these pet-proof tricks.

Pet Dander Be Gone – Cleaning up pet hair is the never-ending chore for pet owners. To help stave off shedding, brush your companion more often. And, designate an area for them to call home with a washable blanket that can be tossed in the washing machine in a snap.

Clean Up the Collar – When bathing your pet, take a few extra minutes to clean the collar – it can carry a wealth of bacteria that may be neglected when grooming. After soaking it in hot water and pet shampoo, rub it together to loosen any deep-down dirt or odor and hang to dry.

Eliminate Pet Pollution – When it comes to pet odors, the best offense is a good defense. If you haven’t changed your HVAC filter in over a year, replace it as soon as possible to mitigate indoor air pollution. Alternatively, consider installing a supplemental air filtration system.

Pet-Proof Your Yard
– If your pet spends time outdoors, dirt indoors is inevitable. To avoid a muddy mess, consider outfitting your yard with sod – your pet will get dirty less and your home will stay clean longer. If your pet likes to dig for “toys,” store playthings outside, unburied, to break them of the habit.

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