Moving? Don’t Lose Sight of These Common Costs

Moving soon? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a move (new house, new neighborhood, new Starbucks…yeah!), but don’t lose sight of common moving costs.
Take, for instance, hiring a moving company. Your expense will vary based on distance, labor and load, and sometimes even the destination. A 1,220-mile interstate move carting 7,400 pounds of belongings averages $5,630, according to, while an in-state move toting the same weight averages $1,170.
Not moving into your new home as soon as you’d hoped? You could be forking over more green for storage, as well, which can ring up to $1,000 or more each month, depending on quantity. Taking up residence at a hotel or in a rental between moves can consume a major chunk of your budget, too.
And that quiet, tucked-away lot you paid a premium for? It could translate into more dollar signs during your move. If the moving truck can’t access your new home, you could be footing the bill for a shuttle—an extra $250 to $500, per

Timing is another, often overlooked, factor. Moving at the height of the home-buying and -selling season—typically April through October—or on weekends generally costs more than at off-peak times.
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