Why Do We Lose Our Keys?

Do your keys go into hiding regularly? Do you try to hide important items in obscure places that are later forgotten about? Recent studies have shown this is due to our subconscious. We misplace our keys because we subconsciously don’t want to be somewhere!

This tendency, according to the Freudian perspective, can be related back to our thoughts: “We never lose what we really want” goes the theory. Whether it’s a big meeting where your entire job is on the line or a get-together with your in-laws, we misplace things because we are trying to avoid something or someone.

How do you avoid misplacing things? First, create a habit. For example, put your keys in the same spot every day. Maybe even create a hook to hang your keys or a specific drawer that you will always put them in.

Second, put your items in obvious places. Hiding a passport or expensive jewelry in the back of your closet in one specific coat pocket is a recipe for a forever-lost item.

Final word of advice: If you want to make sure your items don’t become lost in a black hole never to be seen again, make sure to stop for a moment and think about the object as you put it down.

Source: Psychology Today

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