How to Keep Pets Safe during a Remodel

Your pets may not be top of mind when you’re starting a new remodeling project, but if your dog gets out or your cat runs away – it can add a whole lot of stress to the job. Here are some easy tips to think about when remodeling a home with pets.

1. Plug any holes in the wall or floor. A curious animal can squeeze into a tiny space and quickly become scared or trapped.

2. Make sure your pet has a current ID or a microchip, in case they do get out.

3. Consider boarding your pet somewhere safe during a remodeling project.

4. Create a pet-safe room. Put them in your bedroom with food, water, a litter box and some new toys. It’s worth the additional cries or paws at the door to ensure their safety.

5. Make sure that any workers coming into your home are aware that you have pets.

Remember to make sure your pets have plenty of water, especially if you have dogs because when they are stressed, they tend to drink more. With many remodeling jobs there can be more dust in the air, so it’s important to make sure the water bowl is full and continually fresh.

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