How to Choose a Great Gift for New Homeowners

Thinking of getting a gift for a new homeowner in your life but not sure where to start? You’re not alone: Gift-giving can be seriously challenging. Even people who think they’re great at gift-giving often wind up just picking something they’dlike rather than really considering the recipient’s wants and needs.

Rising Star Realty has a pretty good sense of what kinds of homeowners are out there, and what kinds of gifts may suit them. If your friends fit into one of the categories below, we’ve got some ideas for the perfect present.

The Design-Obsessed

For some people, purchasing a home marks a chance to unleash their inner interior designer. This homeowner couldn’t be more excited about putting up decor and planning gallery walls. There’s also a good chance they feel lukewarm about some of their existing furniture – and that’s where you come in.

If your friend has a chair or couch with a great shape but lackluster cover, offer to pay for reupholstering. This is a perfect gift for antiquers and thrifters, as well as people who have inherited heirloom furniture from family members. It can also be a great way to coordinate mismatched pieces to create an eclectic but unified aesthetic. Costs vary substantially – between $350-$1000 on average – and depends on the furniture’s size, type, and condition, among other factors. 

The Happy Hosts

If you got an invite for a housewarming the minute your friends closed, they’re probably the hosting type. These are the friends who are always throwing a last-minute bash or planning a 30-guest Friendsgiving event. For these friends, you want to get a gift that will help them host with ease.

For example, you could look into getting them decorative display plates for dinner parties, or an under-counter drink refrigerator. If you go with this appliance or similar, get some info from them before you buy. You’ll want to take how much space they have into consideration, as well as voltage requirements and noise level. The last thing you want is to get an appliance they can’t (or won’t) use.

The Homebodies

The most introverted among us often view buying a home as securing a sanctuary away from it all. The new home homebodies will go out occasionally, and they’ll have people over, too – but usually, no more than five or six at a time and that may be pushing it. Above all, their home is a space where they can unwind, be themselves, and dedicate time to the things that matter to them most.

For homebodies, we recommend thinking about what kind of hobbies and passions your friends have, and gifting based on that. For example, if they’re into making ceramics, you could gift them a set of sculpting tools or you could go big and get them a pottery wheel. A friend who loves to knit might appreciate a crafting cabinet they can use to organize sticks and yarn. Lean into what brings them joy, and you’ll bring them joy, too.

The Utterly Practical

Finally, you might be shopping for the kind of no-nonsense person that the above gifts just won’t feel right for. For these folks, ask if they need a ladder, lawnmower, or other housework tools they might not have picked up yet. Also, you can never miss with a gift card.

These might seem a little dry, but their sheer practicality will appeal to the homeowner who just likes to get stuff done. Remember, you can always make your gift more personal with a card or note if you feel like it’s missing that sense of connection. However, you might be surprised how seen your gift makes them feel.

A housewarming present is a wonderful way to show a new homeowner how much you care, and congratulate them for entering this stage of their life. We hope this has helped you find a great gift – or at least, provided a jumping-off point. Whatever gift you choose, the recipient is sure to feel the love.

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Photo Credit: Pexels

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