Helpful Hints

Fundamental Packing Tips

Whether you’re taking a solo work trip or loading up the kids for a family vacation, you’ll need to pack a bag (or three). The following tips can help you pack smarter.

Invest in packing cubes. Organizing your items by type and packing them in separate, smaller bags saves space and makes unpacking and finding your items easier when you arrive at your final destination.

Roll clothes to save space. Folding takes up more room than rolling. Rolling can also help keep your items from wrinkling. 

Transfer your toiletries to travel-sized bottles. Many toiletry travel kits contain spill-proof bottles that you can fill with your own body wash, shampoo, etc. The bottles in these kits often come in transparent, TSA-approved bag, saving you time and effort in the security line. 

Pack a mesh laundry bag for dirty clothes. It’s a great way to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, and it’s easy to grab and toss the contents in the washer when you get home. 

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