Foods Doctors Steer Clear of, and Why You Should, Too

Did you know many doctors practice what they preach when it comes to diet? Business Insider recently interviewed two doctors to get their take on what not to eat, and why. Five offenders:
Candy and other sugar-laden sweets can have a slew of negative effects on health, even beyond weight gain, due to their added sugars. Men should limit their added sugar intake to nine teaspoons per day; women, six.
Dairy Products
Dairy products, especially full-fat butter and cheese, are loaded with saturated fat and sodium, which, if eaten regularly, can be a precursor to out-of-control cholesterol.
Large Fish

Large fish like halibut, swordfish and tuna tend to have more mercury than other species (typically because they consume smaller fish), which can be detrimental to health; however, fish are essential to a wholesome diet, so smaller varieties—think anchovies, mussels, salmon, and trout—are permissible.
Red Meat
Red meat—generally beef or pork—contains saturated fat, which can have an adverse effect on cholesterol, and, in turn, lead to heart disease. Red meat, especially processed products like bacon and sausage, is also packed with sodium, which can contribute to higher blood pressure.
Refined Grains
Refined grains are nutritionally inferior to their whole grain counterparts, specifically with lower levels of fiber. Cereal, pasta, and white flour, white bread and white rice are all classified as refined grains.
Source: Business Insider

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