Can We Get a Pet? I Promise I’ll Take Care of It!

Being a parent means hearing the inevitable question, “Can we get a [insert pet here]?” Of course, this means you will have to take some responsibility no matter how many times your child promises to take care of the new family member. If you decide to take the plunge, … [Read more...]

Insider Tips From Cleaning Pros

Here are some Insider Tips from cleaning Pros for a clean that’s a cut above!  Who doesn’t like a squeaky clean house? Yet, no matter how hard we try, no amount of elbow grease seems to measure up to the job done by professional cleaners.  Add a drop of olive … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Help with Chances of Getting a Mortgage

        Here are 4 Ways to increase your chances of Getting a Mortgage.  Good Credit is required for a Mortgage Lender to approve you for a Mortgage.  The coronavirus pandemic has made a huge dent in the U.S. economy, but mortgage … [Read more...]

5 Common Credit Mistakes Buyers Make That Can Last for Years

Buyers trying to boost their credit score to secure a mortgage realize some things can be corrected quickly – but others hang onto a credit score for years. Some credit mistakes are a lot worse than others. Little ones, like paying a credit card bill a day late, may … [Read more...]

Best Places to Retire? 13 of the Top 25 Are in Florida!

  By Kerry Smith U.S. News & World Report’s latest ranking of top retirement communities could have almost said, “Pick any town in Florida.” Seven Florida. metros are in the top 10: Sarasota (No. 1), Fort Myers (2), Port St. Lucie (3), Naples (4), Ocala (6), … [Read more...]

Survey: 13% of Owners Think Their House Is Haunted

While 1 in 3 Americans say they don’t want to live in a haunted house, over 10% say they have shadows, hot-cold spots, odd pet behavior and a “feel” in certain rooms. Haunted houses are popular attractions this time of year, but most Americans say they wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Marketing to Millennial Buyers: What Do They Want?

  HarrisX survey: Millennials who enter the market expect competition, and they’re willing to ask Mom and Dad for money. Of those surveyed, 75% have been working remotely, with 63% ready to buy a home now for that reason, and 49% saying it’s happening sooner … [Read more...]

Get Back on Track Financially with a Budget

There are no two ways about it—many Americans have had a rough time financially over the past few years. The good news is, no matter how bleak things look, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your financial health - and get back on track with a … [Read more...]

Pandemic Tips: How to Move Safely

  Many Americans may be forced to consider moving as federal foreclosure and eviction moratoriums expire. In the first week of July, 32% of Americans did not make a full, on-time housing payment, according to a nationally representative survey by the website … [Read more...]

Tips to Prepare a Budget Before Buying a New Home

BUY A BUDGET FRIENDLY HOME! It’s virtually impossible to know what size home you can afford if you aren’t fully aware of how much money you are earning and how much you are spending each month.  Start with your income: How much do you bring home after taxes and … [Read more...]