How To Stage Your Home For a Fast Sale

Here’s the step-by-step process for staging the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of your home to get it sold fast, and for top dollar…  Step #1:  Assess Your Current Situation We can work together to Identify what improvements need to be made for a speedy sale.  To assess the inside of … [Read more...]

10 Steps To Get The Best Deal On A Home

When it comes to real estate, timing is everything. And if you're buying this year, your timing is perfect.  Interest Rates are still at Historic lows and lenders are starting to loosen up lending criteria.  Below are 10 steps to make the buying process smoother and help … [Read more...]

Tips for Homebuyers & Sellers in 2013!

Tips for Homebuyers & Sellers! In residential real estate, 2013 arrived much the same way that 2012 did: via a rocky road. While more homebuyers are swooping in and picking up great deals, sales are slowly increasing in many markets. While potential buyers are still … [Read more...]