6 Personality Traits That Turn Toxic into Tolerant

Is there a “Manipulative Mary” in your workplace? Or worse yet, an “Office Bully?” On-the-job stress can result in people developing “toxic personalities” that co-workers strive to avoid and employers pass by for promotions. Here are some positive personality traitsthat can be incorporated into a daily routine to help. Goodbye aggressive and domineering…hello integrity and tolerance.

1. Selflessness: Truly selfless people seem to be increasingly hard to come by these days. Change that by becoming a selfless person yourself. Lend a listening ear to a friend in need or a coworker with an issue. Being patient with others will help you develop a selfless attitude. By being selfless, people will look to you for help and will love you for it. 

2. Tolerance: Being tolerant and patient with someone will lead to a less stressful life for yourself and those around you. Everyone is different in their own way. Don’t judge others for their quirks. Be accepting of them. 

3. Genuineness: The world today seems to be leaning more towards superficial and fake. Don’t succumb to this. Be true to yourself and be honest with those around you. People will appreciate it and you will certainly stand out in the workplace.

4. Sensitivity: Be sensitive towards others feelings. Sensitive people are often also very self aware, making them very mindful of how they treat others. Being sensitive makes others view you as thoughtful, approachable, and real. 

5. Integrity: Be true to yourself. Don’t do something just to make a buck or help your chances of moving up. If your conscience is saying no, you should probably stop. Hold your head high and you will be respected. 

6. Humility: If you know you’re super smart or drop dead gorgeous, don’t act like it. Having humility and modesty will gain you more respect from others. 

Now you can say goodbye to aggressive and domineering and hello to positivity. 

Source: shine.yahoo.com

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