5 Tips to Protect Finished Home Furnishings

Furnishing your home can be expensive—especially when you have a lot of square footage to cover. But the truth is, no matter how much you spend, no furniture is immune to damage. Protect your investment with these tips, courtesy of Gina Moss, manager of technical training at Furniture Medic.

• If you incorporate scented candles or oils into your home’s décor, be sure that each candle or oil product is kept on a tray or in a holder. This not only protects your finished surfaces from spills, but also prevents any dye discoloration or damage to the finish.

• When arranging décor in the kitchen or dining room, avoid using plastic or vinyl placements in your tablescape. The chemicals from the mats can leave an imprint or “ghost image” on the finish.

• If you often purpose non-food-safe furniture as a buffet table or serving station, use trivets, thick oven mitts or dish towels underneath hot casserole dishes to protect your finished surfaces from white-spotting

• Drink coasters aren’t just for the ultra-paranoid. Use coasters of all shapes and sizes around your home to protect finished surfaces from dreaded water rings.

• When cleaning your home, be careful not to leave damp towels, wash cloths or paper products soaked in cleaning fluid on finished wood surfaces. If they are left too long, it can lead to permanent white spots and discoloration.

Source: Furniture Medic

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