4 Ways to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

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The home buying process – so many features to choose from, so many layouts and designs to consider, and so many things that you might one day come to hate.


It’s hard to imagine that the two-story townhouse with no garage, no bathtubs, and a strangely shaped living room could one day make you want to run screaming from your home. That fifth floor condo with the slow elevator ride sounded great at first, but now you’d give anything to pull into your own driveway and just walk inside. The big yard, bigger swimming pool, and massive home seemed luxurious until you had to mow, clean, and cool all that space.


While you’re on the hunt for your next house, keep a few things in mind to avoid buyer’s remorse a few months after you close.


  1. Bigger isn’t always better.


Everyone needs space. When you’re looking at a new home, consider if you really need that much space. Remember, eventually you have to clean, heat and cool, and keep up with all that space. Cost can become a factor quickly, plus you may lose any and all free time just with the upkeep alone.


  1. The layout needs to work for you, not against you.


Odd shaped rooms, giant kitchen islands in the center of not-so-giant kitchens – these things can take a toll on how you function in your own home. Sure, it looked interesting when you viewed it. But looks aren’t everything. Make sure you can see yourself living within that layout. Yes, that might mean pretending to “cook” in the kitchen or imagining where the couch and TV will go in the living room with odd angles before making an offer.


  1. Fads fade.


Trendy is cool, but fads fade. Think about how you hard you laughed when you saw avocado shag carpet in one home, and don’t forget the pink bathroom. At one point in time, that was what all the cool homeowners had in their house. Even if you’re determined to have a home updated with all the latest styles, be prepared for the expense of changing the look of your home once those styles become dated and laughable.


  1. Stairs, pools, and other features that annoy.


A two or three story home may give you the same you want on a smaller lot. A large pool may sound like a dream for family fun. They are great, until you’re carrying a load of laundry up to the top floor, for the fifth time that day or you’ve spent hundreds of dollars or several hours cleaning the pool. Having these features is great for many families, but think about who you are and what will make you craziest on a busy day with screaming kids and not enough time. Not every feature or amenity is right for every family.


Every buyer has different needs for their home. There is nothing wrong with more space, big pools, a flight of stairs, or the latest fashion in home décor. When you’re buying a home, be realistic about who you are and what you’re willing to do. Buy the home that fits your life instead of changing your entire life to fit the home.

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