3 Time Management Tips – Multitasking Included!

Time management can be a challenge—in fact, 60 percent of Americans recently surveyed by Moen wish they had a better handle on their daily to-dos. To rein in your schedule:

Prioritize. Never underestimate the power of a list. Listing out your tasks helps you visually separate what’s important from what’s not, as well as group similar items (e.g., chores, computer work), which streamlines your schedule. Rank your tasks with numbers in order of priority, and cross them off as you complete them—you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish!
Multitask—the right way. Seventy-one percent of Americans in the survey reported multitasking while watching television, and 67 percent multitask while cleaning. Multitasking can be effective—if you multitask one mental and one physical activity, like chatting on the phone while loading the dishwasher. Juggling too many mental activities at once can kill your concentration, and doing too many physically activities is, well, physically impossible!

Unplug. Your iCloud calendar can be a lifesaver when it comes to staying on schedule—but for all its benefits, technology can be a time-suck. Make an appointment for a weekend of R&R or a vacation (and avoid logging on during it!), or catch up on other activities you normally wouldn’t have time for, like quality time with family or volunteer work.
Source: Moen
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