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Between Friends

Health & Safety Get better sleep Insomnia affects millions of Americans, but studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can help you get a better night sleep.  According to a clinical trial appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, … [Read more...]

Luxury Pizza?

From the “Only in New York” category comes the world’s most expensive pizza. At $250 a slice or $1,000 for the whole pie, this Manhattan pizzeria brings a luxury dining experience to one of America’s favorite foods.  Created by Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s … [Read more...]

Napping is Not Just for Kids

For some people, an afternoon nap is a signal you are losing your edge. For others –and not just for the elderly – naps can be a valued way of life. Most people, say the sleep experts at the Mayo Clinic, fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. But whether you’re … [Read more...]