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9 Emerald Coast Events to Attend in September

September is a funny time along the Emerald Coast. Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer as many tourists head home. School is in session. The weather is still warm, the snowbirds haven't arrived yet, and there's plenty to do throughout the week. When you're looking … [Read more...]

July 2015: Real Estate Sales Along Emerald Coast Holding Steady

Real estate sales along the Emerald Coast continue to hold steady with increases over the year before. In July, sales were up for single family homes, town homes, and condos across the Emerald Coast. Nationally,  HYPERLINK … [Read more...]

Costly Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

A new home is one of the biggest purchases homeowners will make in their lifetimes. Regrettably, sometimes costly mistakes are made by various parties of the transaction - builders, remodeling contractors, or even the new homeowners, themselves. Knowing a few of these common … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

Let's face it. Moving is no picnic, and moving day is even worse. It doesn't matter if you've done it a dozen times or this is your first official move, there are always ways to make it better. Anytime you move, make sure you have a plan of action – how you'll move, when … [Read more...]