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April 2015: Closed Sales and Prices Going Up

Image via Kozzi It's not quite summer yet, and real estate along the Emerald Coast is strong and improving over last year, according to the April statistics. Sales are up, prices are up, and inventory is down. The summer season should prove successful for sellers and … [Read more...]

All Hail Kale!

Each year a few rising stars in the produce department capture the public's attention and are touted by friends, foodies and food bloggers alike. But what are consumers actually buying at the grocery store? Here's what was popular in 2013 and what you should look for at the … [Read more...]

Remember the Reason for Memorial Day Before You Hit the Beach

Image via Kozzi Often considered the first day of summer fun, Memorial Day is much more than trips to the beach, grilled hot dogs, and fireworks. Before you set out for a long weekend or the start of a family vacation, take a moment and remember what Memorial Day is truly … [Read more...]

Owning a Home Makes People Happy

If you're a satisfied homeowner, this will come as no shock to you: Owning a home makes people happier and helps them lead better lives. That's not just the opinion of those jiggling their new front door keys or their Realtors beaming with pride. The creators of the OECD … [Read more...]

Go for the Gold with Your Next Toast

As with any form of public speaking, giving a toast can be an anxiety ridden-occasion. From what to do if nobody laughs at your jokes to drawing a blank when it comes to what you planned on saying, giving a toast can be a memorable experience—for all the wrong reasons. The … [Read more...]

5 Home Ownership Costs People Forget

You've taken a hard look at your budget and your income, and you've determined how much house you can afford. You've done the math, and you're ready to buy. But are you sure you know how much it really costs to own a home? After the purchase price of your house, there are … [Read more...]