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Eating Habits Out of Whack?

As our daily lives become increasingly hectic, it’s no wonder that nutrition and mindful eating patterns are constantly placed on the back burner. Trying to juggle schedules is a challenge, one that finds us eating while we work, while we watch TV and while we drive. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Optimism Continues to Grow Among Consumers

Image via Flickr courtesy of Camdiluv Interesting news is out from two separate housing surveys published in March. Both say the same thing based on their findings - people are feeling more confident about real estate. National Housing Survey The Fannie Mae National … [Read more...]

Younger Generations Are Taking Over as Home Buyers

Image via Google Images Baby boomers are getting bumped in the home buying game by the younger generations, especially the Millenials. It was only a matter of time before it happened, but now studies show us the proof. Generational Trends in Home Buying The National … [Read more...]

Realtors Go To Tallahassee

Image via Flickr courtesy of Stephen Nakatani You might be surprised to learn that Realtors go to Tallahassee every year to advocate for property owners, both residential and commercial. Of course, we speak up about issues that affect our business, but overall, the issues … [Read more...]

Smart Eating Strategies Make Dining Out a Healthy Choice

If you're on a diet or simply watching what you eat, a trip to a restaurant doesn't have to knock you off the wagon. You can keep your eating in check by following these tips. First, prepare for your meal. If you eat a big lunch, have a light dinner. Or if you know you’re … [Read more...]

It’s Becoming Too Expensive to Rent – It May Be Time to Buy!

Image via Flickr courtesy of Mark Moose A frightening number was recently released by a J.P. Morgan study that all renters need to be aware of: Renting is now more expensive than owning a home - by 20 percent. Let's contrast that with the post-housing bubble crash. … [Read more...]

5 Fun Things to Do on the Emerald Coast in March

Image via Flickr courtesy of Olin Gilbert Unseasonably cold days make it hard to believe that the warmer temperatures we love are headed our way. If you've been cooped up too long this winter, get some spring into your step and get active again with these five fun things … [Read more...]