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Safety Awareness

Safety Awareness What Everyone Should Know Your safety is important to us. With the help of law enforcement, Loss Prevention Department has developed a list of personal safety tips for keeping you and your family safe. The following is a list of tips for decreasing … [Read more...]

Is Real Estate Going Green?

Image via A recent study has found that some home buyers are willing to pay more for a solar energy home - a home that is powered, in part by solar energy. According to "Selling into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar … [Read more...]

Why Do We Lose Our Keys?

Do your keys go into hiding regularly? Do you try to hide important items in obscure places that are later forgotten about? Recent studies have shown this is due to our subconscious. We misplace our keys because we subconsciously don’t want to be somewhere! This tendency, … [Read more...]


  1. Fast food isn't good for you. Nutritionists believe variety and moderation are the keys to healthful eating. If you feel like a cheeseburger, have one, just not every day. 2. Fat free is better for losing weight. To lose weight, you need to watch calories, not … [Read more...]

Warmer Weather Only One Reason People Move to Florida – But It’s a Good One!

Florida recently surpassed New York as the third most populous state. Those of us in Florida know exactly what's great about the Sunshine State. For anyone thinking of moving here, especially the beautiful Emerald Coast, let's look at the facts. Average Florida … [Read more...]

Night Owl or Nightmare Victim?

While you may relish the extra time you gain by staying up late, you may pay a steep price when your head finally hits the pillow. According to sleep experts, night owls are more likely than their early-bird counterparts to experience nightmares. While researchers are unsure … [Read more...]

Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Image via Flickr courtesy of Gabe Austin Welcome to 2015! It's new year filled with new possibilities and beginnings. If you've thought about buying or selling a home this year, the real estate predictions for the year ahead are something to keep in mind. Take a look … [Read more...]