16 Reasons to Love Your Realtor®

Tis the season for love, and although we shouldn’t think about who we love or why we love them on just one day a year, this is a good time to appreciate the people in our lives. Yes, even your Realtor®.


Here are just a few reasons to love your Realtor® or to know you’re working with a Realtor® worthy of your love, on Valentine’s Day and all year long.


  1. Your Realtor® takes your frantic call while you wait to see if your offer will be accepted.
  2. Your Realtor® will sweep the floor, straighten the pictures, and make your house smell great during an open house.
  3. Your Realtor® answers all of your questions from how title insurance works to whether you should keep your fuchsia carpet (no, by the way).
  4. Your Realtor® understands what’s going on in the market and can explain it to you.
  5. Your Realtor® explains why the price you want for your home isn’t realistic for the local market.
  6. Your Realtor® helps you make a good and competitive offer on the home of your dreams.
  7. Your Realtor® has been known to walk the dog, check your mail, or put out a welcome mat, plant, or anything else to help during the craziness of selling your home.
  8. Your Realtor® lets you know what’s going on in the process.
  9. Your Realtor® is there for the home inspection.
  10. Your Realtor® will fight if your appraisal comes back lower than expected.
  11. Your Realtor® can recommend the best professionals for a mortgage, title insurance, insurance, and everything else you need to buy a home.
  12. Your Realtor® never leaves you hanging when you’re waiting for an answer.
  13. Your Realtor® communicates in the way that works best for you – whether text, email, phone call, or Facebook Messenger.
  14. Your Realtor® will share the showing feedback they get – even when it’s not something you want to hear. (Told you the fuchsia carpet was a bad idea.)
  15. Your Realtor® is someone you can depend on.
  16. Your Realtor® is someone you’ll gladly recommend to your friends and family.


If you’re working with a Realtor® who isn’t doing anything to inspire love – or at least respect, it might be time to find a new agent.

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